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Platinum doors

Platinum doors incorporate traditional door designs with today’s modern trends and technology.
The range is all-inclusive with a huge selection of finishes to choose from.

Panel doors

Simple yet elegant, the timeless classical look of a recessed panel door will complement any home. 

Available in a number of different designs including glazed panel options. Our glazed panel doors allow maximum light to pass through while retaining security with a solid aluminium frame. Glass options include clear, obscure, tinted and double glazed.

For customised doors, talk to your local Fairview manufacturer.

Tongue and groove doors

Imitating the traditional style of a timber tongue and groove door, without the associated maintenance. Our modern tongue and groove doors are constructed using aluminium panels, resulting in an incredibly strong door that won't warp or twist over time. Available in a range of designs including profiles with horizontal/vertical glass panes.

For customised doors, talk to your local Fairview manufacturer.

Arched doors

For an entranceway with colonial air and grace, arched doors have proved to be popular, especially when used as a grand double door entrance. Create your own elegant entranceway with a choice of traditional or modern lead lights, as well as colour and arch style.

Talk to your local Fairview manufacturer about minimum size restrictions for our arched doors.

Sidelights and half doors

Sidelights and half doors are a stylish addition to any entrance. Both sidelights and half doors create a wider entrance and allow greater natural light flow through.

For customised doors, talk to your local Fairview manufacturer.

Things to think about

Colour choices
You can make a statement with bold colour, match your door to your roof or joinery, or even the garage door.

Optional sidelights
Adding sidelight windows around your front door can lighten an entrance way, and provide extra visibility. If privacy is important these can be frosted making it harder to see into the house from the outside.

Added security
Multi-point locking provides added security, while advanced digital locking systems allow keyless entry to your home, and a wealth of other security benefits.