Our huge range of finishing options (there are over 50 in total) can be used to emphasise, to blend,
to highlight and to accentuate the design features in your home.  Our colours are also available
in matching hardware coordinates.


Anodising uses an anodic oxide coating to bring out unique colours within the metal of the frame. The result is a stylish, matt metallic finish that’s durable and tough wearing.


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Silver Mist

Light Bronze Mist

Medium Bronze Mist

Dark Bronze Mist

Black Mist

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Eurowood has the warm look and feel of timber, without the associated maintenance issues – no swelling, warping or rotting, and no need to paint. There’s a range of wood-grain finishes to select from, and you have the option to choose anodised aluminium on the exterior, and wood grain Eurowood on the interior. Eurowood can also be used on front doors for an eye-catching entrance to your home.

Please note colours shown on this website are representations only. For accurate colour samples, request a printed copy of the colour chart or talk with your local Fairview manufacturer.


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Light Cherry

Dark Cherry

Light Cedar

Dark Cedar

Light Bean

Dark Bean

Dark Riverwood

Black Riverwood

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Perfect for a bold entrance with dramatic visual effect, the Brights range offers a vibrant selection of UV stable colours. Ultra-durable and weather resistant this premium powder coating range by Interpon is backed by a global 10/15 year warranty*.

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

*For further details on warranty conditions and samples, please speak with your local Fairview manufacturer.


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Brilliant Yellow

Lycra Strip



Viper Green


Bondi Blue


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Timberclad combines the strength and durability of aluminium on the outside, with the warmth and distinctive feel of real timber on the inside – joined together by an innovative bonding method. It means you avoid the pitfalls of externally exposed timber, like warping, shrinkage and swelling, while enjoying the timeless beauty of timber inside your home.


By separating our Fairview Thermal window and door frames into exterior and interior components, we give you the opportunity to split the colour and finish on either side. So, for example, you can choose a metallic anodised finish for a sleek street frontage, and Eurowood for a warm, wood-grain finish inside.


The environmental impact of our products is important to our customers, and it’s important to us. That’s why we take care to ensure our production processes are as sustainable as possible.

Our powdercoatings don’t contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), they’re recyclable during application, they don’t contain any toxic heavy metals like lead or chromium, and they’ve been produced using a sustainable manufacturing process. In fact, they have a lower ecological footprint than most other coating alternatives.

And because our finishings are so durable, the need for replacement coatings is reduced.

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Choosing Colour
Start with the cladding and roofing on your home when choosing colour for external windows and doors. Do you want to provide contrast to the existing colours, blend seamlessly, or compliment them with a different shade?

Think Ahead
Keep in mind that while your joinery won’t need repainting, your house cladding eventually will. So choose colours that will work with any future painting projects you have in mind.

From Inside To Outside
The colours you choose for the outside of your home may jar when seen from the inside. So choose a colour that works both inside and out, or talk with your Fairview manufacturer about a dual colour option.

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