Our huge range of finishing options (there are over 50 in total) can be used to emphasise, to blend,
to highlight and to accentuate the design features in your home.  Our colours are also available
in matching hardware coordinates.

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Choosing Colour
Start with the cladding and roofing on your home when choosing colour for external windows and doors. Do you want to provide contrast to the existing colours, blend seamlessly, or compliment them with a different shade?

Think Ahead
Keep in mind that while your joinery won’t need repainting, your house cladding eventually will. So choose colours that will work with any future painting projects you have in mind.

From Inside To Outside
The colours you choose for the outside of your home may jar when seen from the inside. So choose a colour that works both inside and out, or talk with your Fairview manufacturer about a dual colour option.

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