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Windows & Doors

Fairview brochure

For nearly 50 years, we’ve been helping Kiwis make more of their homes with our exceptional windows and doors.

Our ranges

Fairview Classic

The perfect introduction to aluminium joinery.

Fairview Architectural

Beautifully designed and meticulously built with superior performance. Fairview Architectural turns ordinary spaces into stunning masterpieces.

Fairview Thermal

Improved thermal performance for a more energy efficient home.

Comparison chart

Compare our three ranges side by side.


Window and door styles

Take a look through our windows and doors to understand the different styles available and how they work.

Window/Door configurations

With a wide range of configuration options the possibilities are endless.

Entry doors

Fairview entry doors

The range includes an extensive variety of designs, finishes and complementary fixtures. With so many options to choose from you'll find the perfect look for your home.


Fairview glass solutions

Windows aren’t just part of your home’s framework. They can add light and life, warmth and beauty. That’s why choosing the right glass is so important.

Solace Low E

See the difference inside out with Solace Low E – a high performance glass.

Colours & finishes

Colour chart

Our huge range of colours and finishes can be used to emphasise, to blend, to highlight and to accentuate the design features of your home.

Interpon Brights

Saturated with colour, the new Brights range from Interpon provides striking possibilities.



Crafted from solid stainless steel, Verta’s stunning design features set a new standard for innovative style.

Schlage Kanso

Schlage Kanso suite of aluminium door and window hardware has over 100 years of expertise, trusted in over
40 million homes around the globe, Schlage continues to create stylish and secure openings.

Helpful tools

Your guide to condensation

A handy guide with easy to understand information on what causes condensation and how can you reduce it - so your home stays warm, dry and comfortable, all year round.

5 step planning worksheets

Let’s get you thinking about the perfect windows and doors for your home with these easy to use, downloadable worksheets.

Care & Maintenance guide

We’re proud of our windows and doors, and with regular care and maintenance, we know you’ll get many years of good use from them.