R-values and thermal ratings

While it is tricky to quantify exactly how much money can be saved, as part of a total window system quality aluminium frames with insulated glazing can definitely help boost the energy efficiency of your home. When combined with a high performance glass solution, like low-e, the benefits are even greater.

The thermal efficiency of windows and doors is measured by R-value. This is the thermal resistance of the entire window system (including glass, thermal spacer and joinery), not the glass on its own. This gives you a more complete view of the performance of your Fairview window and door solution.

The higher the R-value, the less heat is lost through the system, and the better the insulation will be.

Your Fairview manufacturer can show you exactly what R-value rating each of your windows and doors can achieve, as well as the combined value across your home. This provides an easy way to compare multiple product combinations (glass, thermal spacer and joinery), on the same report.

With every Fairview window system quoted, we provide a BRANZ-verified WEERS* rating. So it's easy to make the best choice for your home.

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*WEERS (Window Energy Rating System) is a 6-star rating system developed by BRANZ in conjunction with the Window & Glass Association New Zealand (WGANZ). Additional partners include the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Education (MBIE) and Energy Efficiency and Conversation Authority (EECA). It is designed to assess the thermal performance of new residential windows.