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Sliding windows

Sliding windows create a sense of space and light. And because they often provide
more access to open air than most other window styles, they also provide increased ventilation.

How sliding windows work

A standard slider has two panels (one slides behind a fixed panel). Available as either vertical (double hung) or horizontal. The moving panel slides on rollers, providing smooth and effortless opening and closing.


Corner sliders, where the panels meet at a 90-degree angle are available. Talk to your local manufacturer for more information.

Things to think about

Connecting spaces
A sliding window between your kitchen and outside living area makes entertaining easy and sociable.

Added safety
No protruding edges mean they are a safe option for rooms overlooking outside living areas.

Traditional look
Double-hung sliders offer a traditional look, making them perfect for a traditional-style villa.

Extra security
Add a bolt lock for extra security and to lock your sliding windows in a partially open position.

Optional extras
Can accommodate insect screens - a good option for homes near to the beach or bush where insects are a problem.