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For almost 50 years, we’ve been helping Kiwis make the most of their homes and living spaces.
From simple renovations, bespoke architectural homes to commercial designs, our extensive network of Fairview manufacturers build and install the windows and doors that bring your home to life.


Bring your home to life

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Windows function in different ways – some slide, some tilt, some fold back on themselves. By understanding the different types available and how they work, you can better match windows to your needs, and your lifestyle.

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entry door

Step into our collection of entry doors. With a huge variety of designs, finishes and complementary fixtures, you can create a unique and personalised first impression for your home.

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Whether you need extra privacy, streaming light, or something in between, the type of doors you choose for your home can make a big difference to the way you live.

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Sometimes it's the smallest details that leave the most lasting impressions. Choose from our selection of stylish entry handles or go keyless with an advanced digital locking system.


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glass type

With the right glass you can bring light and life, warmth and beauty to your home. Take a look at the different glass types to understand the benefits of each.


Colours &


Our huge range of colours and finishes can be used to emphasise, to blend, to highlight and to accentuate the design features of your home.

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Energy efficiency ratings

We provide instant WEERS (Window Energy Efficiency Rating System) ratings for all windows and doors. For individual units and the total houselot with every quote.

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