The typical home loses 30% of its heat through windows, so highly insulated windows are an energy efficiency option with a disproportionately large benefit. Essentially, a Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) window is like a flat, transparent thermos bottle that dramatically reduces heat loss and sound penetration. Super thin panes of glass, separated by tiny spacers  are sealed around the edges creating a vacuum between the two panes.

Key Benefits

  • ENERGY CONSERVATION: The high vacuum chamber of our VIG glass, effectively blocks thermal transmission.
  • NOISE REDUCTION: Thanks to the high vacuum chamber VIG glass effectively blocks sound transmission.
  • THINNER AND LIGHTER: Our VIG structure is thinner and lighter than insulated glass improving aesthetics.
  • FULLY TEMPERED: If the glass breaks, it breaks into small honeycomb shaped particles.
  • THERMAL INSULATION: The properties of VIG meets all international thermal transmittance requirements for passive houses.
  • SUPER LONG LIFE: The superior sealing getter material ensures a long service life expectancy.
  • EASY TO REPLACE: A single piece of VIG is only 8.3 mm thick - it can be easily retrofitted into original window and door frames to better retain the original joinery of the building.
  • EXCELLENT UV FILTERING: VIG effectively lowers the UV radiation protecting indoor furniture and appliances.
  • LEAD FREE: VIG is environmentally friendly- the metal sealing material is leadfree and hazard-free.


LandVac is the world’s leading tempered vacuum insulating glass (VIG) and uses environmentally focused technology making it a natural fit with our net zero carbon ambitions.

FMI has exclusive rights to supply LandVac, vacuum insulating glass (VIG) in New Zealand ensuring that Fairview now offers the most high-performance, slimline insulating glass technology in the country.