Fairview has a range of advanced finishes allowing for near endless possibilities in colour and appearance to suit any style or preference.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is one of the most durable colour coatings available. FMI’s new advanced powder coating facilities are world class and are accredited to WGANZ Enduro Colour Powder Coating Quality Standards.

Additional powder coat colour ranges  are available at various price points, you can refer to colour cards and samples available from your local Fairview fabricator.

Anodised Finish

Fairview provides a Mist Anodising finish which results in a stylish, matt metallic look that’s durable and tough wearing.

Sublimation Finish

Sublimation finish technology pr ovides an additional decorative layer on top of powder coating.

Our wood-grain finish creates the look and feel of timber with long-lasting paintfree durability. Unlike real wood, the sublimated wood finish is virtually maintenance free.