AEONOX Scratch-resistant powder-coat technology.

AEONOX is a new breakthrough technology for powder coating services, offering scratch resistance and strong durability.

AEONOX’s fine texture finish and advanced formulation technology combine to protect the surface from abrasions and minimise scratched extrusion. Offering protection from nature’s elements and the wear of everyday living, AEONOX is a family-focused solution designed to be lived in.
Whilst all of our powder coating products naturally contain durable properties, AEONOX exhibits a significantly tougher cured film to any other finish currently on the New Zealand market.

AEONOX is a performance and protection-based solution that is a game-changing formulation for wear resilience. It looks good, wears well, is cost-effective, and most importantly is a family-focused solution designed to stand the test of time, so our customers can not only love their homes views, but live well within them too.


AEONOX’s textured pattern hides irregularities in substrates, ideal for use in high-wear areas where the kids or pets may play.
A new generation TGIC Free Polyester based formula also offers excellent long term light and weather resistance from a single coat finish on a variety of substrates.
With a 15-year Interpon D warranty D1010, AEONOX offers lifelong reassurance, and the tough texture finish offers comfort that any new installation to your home will be both a seamless process and an exceptional end result.

Interpon Warranty


Like all of our powder coatings, AEONOX does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), is recyclable during application, and is produced using a sustainable manufacturing process.
The robust nature of the product allows for a significant reduction of waste throughout the manufacturing process in our powder coating factory. Packaging materials are also reduced for transportation, making it one of the lowest ecological footprints compared to other coating alternatives.


AEONOX’S durable finish offers superior damage resistance from the beginning of the manufacturing process to the packaging and delivery of the final product.

The fine texture finish hides irregularities that occur throughout fabrication in the factory, decreasing a large percentage of faulty product and waste compared to other coating alternatives. Aeonox also offers superior damage resistance to packaging materials, reducing transport and damage costs as well as decreasing additional delays that often accompany projects when damaged product arrives on site.


AEONOX offers comfort that any new installation to the home will be both a seamless process and an exceptional end result.

AEONOX’s tough coating reduces damages during the installation process that often come from tools and equipment rubbing against the joinery. AEONOX significantly lowers the risk of repairs and the additional expenses and project interruptions that come with them, making it an ideal product for various building installations.


AEONOX’s breakthrough technology meets the exponential growth of architectural and design capabilities that the industry has seen over the past decade.

Interpon’s 15 year D warranty meets AAMA2604 performance. This architectural specification not only offers lifelong reassurance but also ensures high-performance requirements are met for coatings applied to aluminium extrusions and other architectural products.

AEONOX can also be specified in all NZ3604 zones and on any building height to provide ease of specification for project designs of a larger scale.