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Truly experience the benefits of indoor/outdoor living with bifold doors.

Bifold doors

Bi-fold doors open up the full potential of indoor-outdoor living.  And even in small spaces,
a simple bifold door can provide fresh air and access to a beautiful view with  a simple push.

How bifold doors work

Bi-fold panels fold into a discreet stack leaving a clear or unobstructed opening. The sliding panels can either part in the middle or stack to one side.


Our bifold doors come in a range of configurations.
Talk to your local Fairview manufacturer for more information.

Things to think about

Flexible ventilation
A flexible ventilation option, you can keep a portion of the door open if it’s wet or windy.

Added security
An optional twin bolt locking system means one handle secures both the top and bottom bolts simultaneously for added security and ease of use.

Love your view
FREEFOLD bi-fold panels fold right around to sit flush with the exterior wall, giving you optimal views and living space.

Easy access
Install a single hinged door alongside your bifold doors for ease of access – the hinged door opens independently and locks or unlocks from the outside.

Optional extras
Door catches can be installed to secure panels when open and prevent them from moving apart or blowing shut.