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Hinged doors are particularly suited to laundries and garages, or as an external access point into your home.

Hinged doors

Hinged doors are one of the most popular and versatile forms of doors, providing fast and convenient access. 

How hinged doors work

Hinged doors can be left or right opening depending on your preference and space; a great access solution when internal wall space is limited. They are particularly suited to areas that need to be shut off from the rest of the home – like laundries and bathrooms.



Our hinged doors come in a range of configurations. Talk to your local Fairview manufacturer for more information.

Things to think about

Flexible design
Easily adapted to work with traditional features such as sash windows and plate glass windows.

Finishing touches
Consider using one of our Eurowood colours for a finish to your hinged doors.

Easy access
Install a single hinged door alongside bifold doors for ease of access – the hinged door opens independently and locks or unlocks from the outside.

Glazing options
Multiple glazing options available, such as textured, tinted and reflective glass for increased privacy and reduced glare.