Your entry door is the welcome to your home, and the first impression visitors will have. An entry door should be strong and solid yet integrate beautifully and seamlessly with the look and feel of your home.




Our Platinum Doors range of Entry Doors bring together the best in modern and traditional door designs, complemented with a superior range of fixtures. Thermally broken options offer improved comfort, warmth and energy efficiency.

Our range is constructed of aluminium, with the exception of the Element door, and are designed to endure the worst that New Zealand’s weather can offer. They won’t split, warp or need repainting and with the right care, your door will keep the same beautiful look for years to come.




You can make a statement with bold colour, match your door to your roof or joinery, or even the garage door. 

Adding sidelight windows around your front door can lighten an entrance way, and provide extra visibility. If privacy is important these can be frosted making it harder to see into the house from the outside.

Platinum Doors offers a range of hardware and lock options, or can be fitted with hardware available from all major manufacturers. 

Multi-point locking provides added security, while advanced digital locking systems allow keyless entry to your home, and a wealth of other security benefits.