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There are two types of glass available to protect against the risk of injury. The choice is made depending on where and how the glass is being used.

Safety glass

Safety glass is less likely to break, or cause serious injury when broken - keeping you and your family safe and sound.


How safety glass works

Toughened safety glass has undergone a heat treatment to increase its overall strength. If the glass does break, it breaks safely into thousands of tiny pieces with blunt, safe edges.

Laminated safety glass is made by applying a plastic interlayer between two (or more) panes of glass.  If the glass is broken these interlayers hold the glass in place. The glass still breaks into pieces, but they remain stuck to the interlayer.

Why choose safety glass?

Toughened glass can improve the safety of doors and windows that are not very high off the floor and is safer than regular glass when broken as it breaks into tiny blunt pieces. 

Laminated glass is much harder to break through and does not shatter like regular glass; instead it "spiderwebs" from the centre. This offers improved security as there is no opening created, which would allow someone to reach in to open the door or window and gain access to your home.