Solace Low-E glass from FMI Glass is a glazing option that can help boost the energy efficiency of your home.  It is a low emissivity glass that has an almost invisible coating covering one side of the pane of glass, which can then be positioned within an insulated glazing unit.

In cold climates, the Low-E coating allows the sun’s light and energy into your home and reflects the heat back indoors, creating a shield against the cold. 

In warmer climates, the temperature in your home can be regulated by changing the positioning of the Low-E coating within the glazing unit, allowing it to keep the heat out.

FMI Glass has been aware of market feedback around some Low-E products looking hazy.  In Solace Low-E, we have a Low-E product that provides exceptional clarity.  To get Solace Low-E specified for your project, talk to your local joinery fabricator or glass supplier.


Below are a few projects using Solace Low-E (click to expand):