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Whether you overlook a beautifully crafted garden or a humble courtyard, bringing a view into your home is a powerful way to improve liveability and increase your wellbeing.

Window styles

Windows function in different ways - some slide, some tilt, some fold back on themselves.
By understanding the different types available and how they work, you can
better match windows to your needs, and your lifestyle.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows can be the perfect option when space is at a premium and it’s not possible to have a protruding window. They’re ideal for rooms overlooking walkways, decks or outside living areas.


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Bifold windows

Suited to wide-span openings, bi-fold windows create a sense of light, space and openness. For panoramic views and a simple way of bringing a café-like feel to your living spaces, bi-fold windows are best.


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Awning and Casement windows

Awning windows open from the bottom, while casement windows swing open from the side. Both are practical, flexible and easy to use. They offer excellent ventilation control - you can open them to suit your comfort level and secure them in place with a window stay.


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Louvre windows

Louvres offer the ultimate in ventilation control. Open them up fully to make the most of a cool summer breeze, or partially (even during wet weather) to maintain ventilation and help minimise condensation. The design means they can fit in almost any space, and because they provide full ventilation for their size, they are a good choice for very small or narrow spaces.


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