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Awning and Casement windows

Awning and casement windows add an elegant, traditional look to your home.

How awning and casement windows work

Awning and casement windows are hinged in different places - awnings are hung from the top, while casements open from the side.


With awning and casement windows there’s more scope for custom sizes and configurations. So you can define and select your perfect window design. Talk to your local Fairview manufacturer for more information.

Things to think about

Ventilation control
Awning windows can be left partly open when it’s raining – so they’re great in winter too.

Added security
For added security and peace of mind, ask about multi-point locking for your awning windows.

Versatile design
Awning windows are particularly advantageous when placed high up in a bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Because of their design, they allow hot air to escape reducing condensation.

Optional ventilator
Add a window ventilator to keep air circulating while windows and doors remain closed. Another way to ventilate your home while at work or away.