NT36 is the most advanced engineering technology for windows and doors in the southern hemisphere. The modern and minimalist outlook of Fairview's Nt36 range of windows and doors is achieved by adopting patented SSWS technology from FMI Building Innovation. It uniquely brings together state-of-the-art engineering advances to achieve a durable, high performance system like no other in New Zealand.

Key Features

  • Expansive
    The highest glass to frame ratio possible makes it the most minimalistic window system possible with extraordinary uninterrupted views.


  • Strong
    Unique steel TouxLockTM jointing ensures the toughest and most durable system in New Zealand.


  • Weatherproof
    More than twice the weather resistance of other window systems ensuring the wettest, coldest and hottest weather stays outside and the energy you pay for stays inside for your optimum energy-efficient comfort.


  • Cost Effective
    Self supporting technology for build efficiency and reduced cost.


Using European-led design, we have developed a unique TouxLock™ technology, using the smart design of the corner joint which comprises a corner casting that ties the corner together by creating a more robust, stronger and leak free joint.

This system allows us to manufacture joinery
at an increased precision and speed

Once manufactured, joinery can be handled in many ways during transportation and installation, by using the TouxLock™ system with Fairview joinery you reduce the risk of costly returns of man handled units. This system complies with the Extra High wind zone Ultimate Limit State test pressures of ±2130 Pa and some units even going as high as Extreme wind zone of ±2500 Pa with no permanent damage or deformation.