Sometimes it’s the smallest details that leave the most lasting impressions.


Sleek, gently curving handles feel comfortable in your hand, while more solid angular styles
accentuate a contemporary home. Locking fittings in a range of finishes and colours can add seamless functionality to
your living spaces, ensuring your home looks good as well as helping to
ensure you’re safe and sound.


Classic designs with a modern twist, the stunning Verta range sets a new standard for innovative style. From the striking entrance pull handle, to the design and detailing of vented window fasteners, Verta is sure to be a stand-out feature in your home. Crafted from the highest grade solid stainless steel.

*Available exclusively through Fairview


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Sliding door pull handle 300mm*

Long plate lever*

Flush pull*

Window fastener - low profile*

Window fastener - high profile

Bi-fold lever*


Entrance pull handle 800mm

Internal door lever

Emergency release / privacy turn

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A stylish, contemporary range of aluminium hardware with bold strong lines and subtle curves works to complement a modern home. Colour match to your windows and doors for a consistent look throughout your home.

*Available exclusively through Fairview


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Pull handle

Sliding door handle

Slimline sliding door handle

Sliding/slimline door lock

Flush pull handle


Bi-fold door handle

Bi-fold door lock

Hinged door handle

Window vented

Window square high profile

Window round high profile

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Schlage Sense

Leading the way in digital locking systems, the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt is designed to give you total control over access to your home.

The lock is Bluetooth® capable and can be paired with Apple® technologies like iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch® and Homekit®. You can even gain access using Siri® via voice command.

Colours: Satin nickel or black

Front and back

Satin nickel


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Schlage S-6000

Your family and precious belongings are in safe hands with Schlage.

Sleek and ultra modern, the S-6000 allows you to quickly open your front door using a PIN, fob or card. It can be unlocked as easily from the inside by rotating the door lever, and you can create temporary access codes for contractors and guests.

Colour: Black only



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Schlage Kanso

Schlage Kanso suite of aluminium door and window hardware has over 100 years of expertise, trusted in over 40 million homes around the globe, Schlage continues to create stylish and secure openings.

*Available exclusively through Fairview


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Sliding door hardware

Patio sliding door lock

Patio sliding door lock - Slimline

Flush pull

Sliding door 300mm In-line pull handle

Sliding door 300mm Offset pull handle

Cylinder escutcheon

Bi-folding door and window fasteners

Bi-fold operator

Window fastener Concealed fixing Low profile

Window fastener Concealed fixing High profile - Venting

Hinged door hardware

Hinged door hardware

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